Safestep ets – Stonefloors, concrete or tiles


On all types of stone floors ie. Concrete, marble, porcelain, natural stone and different types of tiles, we make a permanent invisible change inside the stone. This is the most effective anti-slip product on the market and sits for several years depending on the load.

Advantages of anti-slip protection:

  • The floor remains easy to clean
  • Does not change the appearance of the floor
  • The floor ready to be used immediately after work done
  • Very long-term solution

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We spread the agent on the entire surface to be treated and let it fall into the pores of the stone. When the stone comes into contact with moisture, the friction increases and the floor becomes slip-free. Because the anti-slip treatment lies in the stone itself, it means that you have to wipe a few millimeters on the stone before the invisible anti-slip disappears. Therefore, this method is a very cost-effective and long-term solution.

Proven method

The treatment originated from the United States. There was a need to find a method to make the slippery tile floors of fast food restaurants slip free. Instead of replacing all floors, this solution took place, which saved the customers a lot of money, both the cost of not having to change the floors, as well as reducing the risk accidents.

Invisible anti-slip protection

The anti-slip is invisible, it takes a really sharp eye to see a change in the surface. This treatment fits all those who have problems with slippery stone floors in spaces such as entrances, swimming pools, dressing rooms, kitchens, shower rooms etc.

There is no “build” a surface on the floor. You can not see or feel the anti-slip as long as the surface is dry. It’s only when the surface is wet as you notice a difference, you do not slip anymore!