About Safestep

Safestep was founded year 2011 in Uppsala, Sweden.

We are an outgoing, yet young, but very forward-thinking and innovative company.

The basic idea for Safestep has always been anti-slip and floor safety with all that means. We have no locked frames to stay inside, creating greater opportunities for the customer to get help with much more than they thought from the beginning.

Because we have not been locked up, we have created a great knowledge in a specific area. From just processing stone floors, to constructing anti-slip profiles, assembling fiberglass on loading ramps, selling GRP products of all kinds, and helping with floor safety consulting in Sweden, but also across Europe.

What is floor safety?

We range from treatments of all types of floors, simple floor markings to unique roadway construction in Offshore.

We at Safestep are available to our customers 24 hours a day, and know that good collaborations are built on personal contact, in addition to delivering economical and long-term solutions as standard.

We are looking forward to working with you. You can trust Safestep, in all conditions.

Best regards, Safestep.